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Anonymous asked:

Not a confession. But to all the people out there who seem to think that Boston is full of perfect angels, please just watch the Lucic nut check on Dekeyser in yesterdays game. Cheap and dirty.



I think we can all agree that none of our players are “perfect angels” but then again neither is anyone else’s. What’s done is done and we can’t change that. Shit happens and you have to move on, especially now.

We’ve all made it very clear that we don’t like what Lucic did, what’s so difficult to understand about that?




A kind reminder that Lucic wasn’t the only one that speared someone for no reason last night.
Yes I’m talking about you Corey Perry.
Yet no one seems to be taking about him?

Corey Perry is the West Coast version of Lucic. Trust me, we’re talking about him. 

"West coast version" so yeah, he puts up big goal totals and plays physically, sometimes to point of crossing a line, just like every power forward in the league


I don’t get why it’s so acceptable to constantly trash talk Bruins fans, but the second we step in and defend ourselves, suddenly we’re the bad guys? There’s a double standard there that just doesn’t make sense to me. There comes a point when every single team crosses a line. Just because you…

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